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Spectacular Easter On Santorini’s Pyrgos Village

Santorini is already renowned for its magnetic lure for every traveler looking to experience an holiday in Greece. Beautiful white beaches that are dotted with villages along its coast are second to none in their unflinching ability to capture the imagination of visitors.

Easter in Greece is something to behold. The holiday is singularly one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox liturgical year and its defined by the lively celebrations that light up the island. Even Christmas falls to second place to Easter!

The heart of Santorini’s Easter celebrations is picturesque village of Pyrgos. Often overlooked for being away from the island’s beaches, Pyrgos, or Pyrgos Kallistis which translates to the beautiful tower, is beating heart of Greek Easter celebrations and it is on the holiday that it literally shines bright.

Every year, Pyrgos has a set of traditions for the Easter season.

The most readily recognizable Easter tradition is the walking the path of the Epitaph. Every year, the ceremony known as the procession of the body of Christ takes place. Beginning at the steps of the Church of the Virgin Mary, the procession moves with thousands of people following behind through Pyrgos’ narrow streets.

The entire path is navigating by following the countless tiny flames that light the way. Mounting the rooftops of the colorful homes, Pyrgos’ youth place thousands of tin cans and ignite them to set the scene for the epitaph. Viewed from the outside, Pyrgos itself glows against the night sky, a romantic sight that makes a visit an unforgettable scene for the lucky visitor.

The locals may admit the spiritual significance is secondary, but the Easter celebrations’ beauty makes it such a beloved tradition in Pyrgos.