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Robert De Niro Opens Nobu Hotel on Santorini, Greece

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Robert De Niro’s luxury hotel brand Nobu Hospitality will open its first hotel in Greece on the island of Santorini this Spring.

Nobu is a rising name in terms of luxury hotels, but it is already well known in the dining world as an international chain of high-end sushi restaurants.

The brand, which was founded over 25 years ago, began in Los Angeles, with Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s first restaurant, called Nobu. Actor De Niro ate at the restaurant and became enamored with Matsuhisa’s innovative approach to Japanese cuisine.

He proposed a business deal with Matsuhisa which involved opening up a Manhattan restaurant together.

Matsuhisa, a self proclaimed perfectionist, rejected what to many would seem like a once in-a-lifetime deal because he felt that his Los Angeles restaurant, while successful, was not yet perfect. He wanted to make sure that his first restaurant was working at its best before expanding.

De Niro respected the chef’s rejection, and kept his offer open. When he was ready, Matsuhisa reached out to the actor and the two opened up the Manhattan restaurant together. Then they expanded outside of the US — opening up luxury restaurants across the world in cities like Mexico City, Beijing, and Istanbul.

Nobu Hotel on island of Santorini, Greece to open in Spring 2021

After success in the restaurant business, the pair, along with businessman Meir Teper, expanded into hotels in 2013. Their latest project, in Santorini, Greece, will be the 26th Nobu Hotel in the world, and the tenth in Europe.

Located in the village of Imerovigli, which provides some of the most beautiful views of the entire island, the Nobu Hotel will also feature a signature Nobu Restaurant, luxury spa, and fitness center.

Visitors can also soak up the sun in the hotel’s two-level infinity pool, or lounge in pool villas that offer stunning views of the sea.

Inspired by the iconic local architecture found throughout Santorini, architects designed the Nobu using blue and white and classic themes that are common on the island.

Greece has become a hub for luxury tourism, and the hotel industry is taking note.

Marriott is set to open an impressive beachfront hotel in Costa Navarino, Greece, which will be a new luxury destination in the Peloponnese. The “W Costa Navarino,” the company’s latest foray into the European market, will open this Summer.

The Greek resort is the latest European hotel to be constructed by the company, which has recently launched hotels in Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal; it will be the first “W” hotel to open in Greece.

The 32-acre property, which is located in the Bay of Navarino, featuring incredible views of the Ionian Sea, boasts a total of 246 rooms, two suites, three villas with private infinity pools, a spa, and a gym.