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9 Reasons Everyone Should Visit the Island of Santorini

Get rid of all your preconceived stereotypes about this beautiful Greek paradise. Santorini is not just a tourist hub or your average romantic getaway destination… For starters the island of Santorini is set on an active volcano! It’s also filled with stunning nature, hiking, and unbelievable views which makes Santorini the perfect place even if you’re on a budget. So prepare for a super dose of wanderlust as you discover why this is the perfect spot for your next Greek vacation!


You can’t mention the most famous island in Greece without highlighting the unbelievable Santorini views. The town of Oia is world renowned for having some of the most beautiful architecture and sunsets in the world!

It’s almost impossible for photos to truly do Santorini justice. You will soon discover that basically everything from hiking on Santorini to eating out will be accompanied by a truly breathtaking view.


It doesn’t matter if you’re grabbing a spinach pastry from the bakery, sampling some local street food, or enjoying some authentic Moussaka in a luxury restaurant. One thing is for sure, it will all be AMAZING! The food in Santorini highlights the best of what Greece has to offer.

Some of best meals of my life have been in Santorini, where instead of a menu you are commonly presented with the seafood that was caught that morning. This is the laid back delicious eating experience you’ll find here! Don’t get us wrong. Everyone knows the island of Santorini has expensive taste. However, there’s still plenty of hidden gems to find if you’re visiting Santorini on a budget.


While everyone knows the popular districts on the island of Santorini, you should not confine yourself to one small area! The main town of Fira is full of small streets packed with shopping and restaurants, while Oia holds a maze of stairs and signature Santorini views.

Make sure to also check out the lesser known parts of the island like the gorgeous villages of Imeravigli, Akrotiri, and Perissa.