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Lost Atlantis Museum
Lost Atlantis Museum
Lost Atlantis Museum
Lost Atlantis Museum

Lost Atlantis Museum

Explore the first museum in the world dedicated to the myth of Lost Atlantis.


Atlantis is the most famous mythological city in the world. Many places in the world have claimed the origin of the city but Santorini and the huge explosion of its volcano in the past is the most possible explanation of the myth.


Embark on a journey in Greek History, Mythology, Philosophy, and Geology! With the help of innovative technologies, you will learn about the myth of Atlantis, how it is connected to Santorini, experience its destruction, and explore multiple digital installations. Interactive videos, augmented reality, interactive fresco, animated hologram, and 9D experience await you at the Lost Atlantis Experience Museum!


The museum is situated in a brand-new facility of 700 square meter located in the village of Megalohori. With ease of access and parking and capacity to host 50 people for a 1-hour experience. Photography & filming is permitted in all areas except the 9d experience.

▪ All public areas of the Museum are wheelchair accessible with toilets for individuals with disabilities.

▪ Pets are not allowed inside the Museum.

▪ Children under 6 years can’t participate in the 9d experience.

▪ No eating or drinking is allowed in the museum. Activities inside the museum

▪ Learn about the Minoan history of Santorini and the myth of Atlantis withthehelpofinnovativetechnologies

▪ Discover all the evidence that connect Plato’s Lost Atlantis myth with the volcano eruption of the island through interactive videos.

▪ Explore the largest Atlantis diorama in the world and experience its everyday life through virtual windows in time with augmented reality.

▪ Follow Plato’s Journey that inspired him to write about the ideal city, through an interactive fresco.

▪ View a Holographic representation of the geological evolution of Santorini island from the prehistoric ages until today

▪ The Greek philosopher Plato comes to life in an animated hologram. Converse with him and ask him about his philosophy and the theory that Santorini could be the origin of the Atlantis myth.

▪ Re-live, with all your senses, the earthquake, the tsunami and the volcanic eruption that led to the destruction of Atlantis in a 9D experience.

▪ All the exhibits are in 8 languages Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese. 

  • Cost : 12€ per person / 6€ 7-12 years / Free 0-6 year


  • Access to all rooms of the museum


  • Transportation to/from your hotel (an extra charge of 10 Euros per person return)

Lost Atlantis Museum
Lost Atlantis Museum
Lost Atlantis Museum
Lost Atlantis Museum
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