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Jet Ski Santorini
Jet Ski Santorini
Jet Ski Santorini

Jet Ski Safari

Choose the right tour for you out of the three to discover the wild beauty of Santorini:

1. South coast tour

We start at the beautiful beach of Perivolos and head south-west towards the beaches of Vlyhada, Red beach, Kampia, White beach ending up at the beach of Mesa Pigadia.

Enjoy the blue waters of Santorini and explore the beautiful underworld – snorkeling equipment will be provided.

Relax with a soft drink on your way back to Perivolos.

  • Duration : 90 minutes (70 minutes driving + 20 minutes snorkelling)

  • Cost : 300€ per jet ski each jet ski can hold up to two (2) people

  • Tour starts : 11:00am or 16:00pm

  • Type :  group up to 5 jet skis

Jet Ski Rental

We have been offering Jet Ski Rentals in Santorini since 1994.

Ride the waves like never before and enjoy jet skiing under the sun in the blue waters of the Aegean sea. Unlike the Jet Ski Safari, by booking a Jet Ski Rental, you are driving without a guide along Perivolos or Perissa beach (the famous Black Sand Beach) within a designated jet ski zone.

All our jet skis and equipment is constantly renewed to give you the best experience possible. Our current fleet consists of the Yamaha VX jet skis.

You can choose a designated time from the timetable and book for a minimum of 10minutes. Extra time as per the price list, can be added upon request on the spot.

  • Duration :

        ROUND OF 10 MIN

          50 € /  1 person
          55 € /  2 people 

        ROUND OF 20 MIN

          80 € / 1 person
          90 € /  2 people

        ROUND OF 30 MIN

          110 € / 1 person
          120 € /  2 people


  • The Jet Ski Driver must be at least 18 years old!
    Maximum total weight of riders: 180kg.


Parasailing over the coast of Perivolos is the best way to gaze at the breathtaking views of the island’s South Coast.

Take off from the special parasailing boat and fly high over the sea. At the end of this unforgettable experience, you land back safely on the boat. 

On this flight, you are a passenger and do not need to do anything as our certified crew makes sure you enjoy safely the entire ride. 

Enjoy this flying adventure alone or with a friend (up to three people at the same time). Book your ride at set times throughout the day as mentioned on the timetable and you set out in groups while only flying with your company, one after the other!

  • Duration : Flight time: 10 min. 
    Total time on parasailing boat may be longer depending on the weather conditions and the number of people on the boat.

  • Cost : 70 € 1 person | 90 € 2 people .

  • Maximum total weight of all passengers: 180kg.


  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Life jacket(s)

  • Fuel and taxes

  • Expert guide.

  • Safety boat

  • Refreshment

  • Safety lockers


  • Transportation to/from your hotel 

  • Photos 30-40 + 1 video cost 15€ (parasailing)

Jet Ski Santorini
Jet Ski Santorini
Jet Ski Santorini
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