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Santorini horse riding - Megalochori village

Explore this wonderfull village

Megalochori, a traditional village which is virtually untouched by tourism, offers to its guests unique experiences of picturesque landscapes and tradition.

with the traditional taverns and the imposing arch of the church.

Then, we will move through the narrow streets towards traditional vineyards where we will end up in the western part of the island which overlooks the magnificent Caldera. You will walk along breathtaking paths.

Overlooking the endless blue and the awe of the cliff, you will pas through traditional windmills and paved streets. Then we will drive to the heart of the village, allowing you to experience the every day life of the traditional village.

For this reason we choose this village as either a starting point or as a complete trip. We will start from the south end of the village, where our stable is, and we will go to the paved square –

Finally, we will return to our stable, where we will take commemorative photos in order to capture all these memorable experiences.





Ride a horse in a beautiful Eros Beach

Probably all of us have seen some videos or photos riding on a lovely beach.

Then we will go around the village in the rough streets of vineyards where only with the horse or a donkey you can cross them. There you will have the unique opportunity to explore the vineyards and see their traditional setup.

Then we will head to the south paths that lead to the beach. You will absolutely admire the power of nature, as these paths created by the great eruption. At the end of the route we will reach Eros beach, allowing you to admire the deep blue, the black sand and its vast dunes.

So, our company wants to fulfill such a desire and we created an amazing excursion which seems to be like a movie scene.

We will walk along the beach and then we will head to the top of the hill in order to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and the trails. In the end, we will return to our stable where we will take some pictures for you so as to remember all these memorable experiences.












                                                  DURATION 2 HOURS


Santorini horse riding - Caldera sunset tour

Carved by lava, is the side facing the volcano’s crater and impresses for its amazing view as well as for the steep cliffs.

So, our company wants to fulfill such a desire and we created an amazing excursion which seems to be like a movie scene.

We found for you the most impressive and untapped part of the island so as to admire the gorges and the ravines that were created by the eruption thousand years ago, giving you a sense of freedom and peace.

From this point, you will admire the amazing sunset, riding along the Caldera. After crossing the Caldera, we will return to the starting point, to the traditional Megalochori. There we will leave the horses and we will capture all your memorable experiences.






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