About Santorini

You can observe a lot by just watching..

An island from the bowels of the earth

Santorini (Thira) is located at the southernmost point of the Cyclades and is essentially a group of islands consists of the islands of Thira, Thirasia (Thirasia), the Aspronissi, Palea and Nea Kameni.


Oia is the first settlement that is pronounced preserved (1976), is without doubt one of the most photographed places in Greece. The sunset has been an inspiration to countless artists and alleys of work like magnets that invite you to lose yourself in the well hidden secrets. Oia, which ... 


12 km. From Oia, everything lively Fira, Santorini's capital, is one of the stops you need to make sure the island. Located about 260 meters above sea level, they seem to wear their white and climbed the cliff to ... 


You can reach Firostefani Fira, following the "eyebrow" of the caldera and covering a distance of about 10 minutes walking.Firostefani, which over time is a favorite stop for every visitor, owes its name to the fact that "crowning" Fira. The caldera is ... 


Perissa is a beautiful beach situated 15 km southeast of Fira extending for 7 km on the southeastern side of Santorini. The beach features unique charateristics, black sand, crystalline waters and various beach facilities. However, the enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises ...

Nea kameni

Locals call it "volcano", visitors make it a priority of their exploration and legend of worships. The reason for the Nea Kameni, the middle of the three islands of the Caldera (Thirassia and Old Kameni other two) who were eyewitnesses of the volcano eruption. In Nea Kameni ... 


Village-jewelry, pole of attraction for thousands of visitors each year who seek tranquility, natural beauty and quality in everything. The tower, which is about 5-10 minutes drive from Fira, is certainly the most popular village of the island. 1800 was the capital of Santorini, and now manages, through ... 


The Venetian was the commercial and financial center of Santorini. Today is one of the most interesting villages of the island, especially in architectural terms. Emporio is located in the south of Thira, close to beaches Perivolos and Perissa. Here you can impress your features, carved in stone houses, you will ... 

Amoudi Bay

You can reach Amoudi, a picturesque harbor that is a must see in Santorini, descending the 214 steps that separate it from Oia. The commercial port from the 19th century welcomes today primarily lovers of sea fruit, who want to enjoy fresh fish and seafood. A ... 


Imerovigli occupies the most privileged position and has the most breathtaking views of the caldera, Thirasia. Famous for its luxury hotels that offer their guests a "natural balcony" caldera calm atmosphere and super relaxing landscape. The Anogi restaurant in the central square, giving you the opportunity to ... 

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Useful information

Distances in Santorini to calculate your time.

Fira-Airport: 6 km. 
Fira Port: 8 km. 
Fira-Oia 11 km. 
Fira Perissa: 12 km. 
Fira Kamari: 8 km.

Oia-Airport: 17 km. 
Oia-Port: 19 km. 
Oia Perissa-: 23 km. 
Oia-Kamari: 19 km.

Pyrgos-Port: 5 km. 
Pyrgos-Airport: 6 km. 
Pyrgos-Fira: 6 km. 
Pyrgos-Perissa: 9 km. 
Pyrgos-Kamari: 5 km..

Imerovigli-Airport: 8 km. 
Imerovigli-Port: 10 km. 
Imerovigli-Oia: 9.5 km. 
Imerovigli Perissa-: 14 km. 
Imerovigli-Kamari: 9.5 km.

Akrotiri-Airport: 12 km. 
Akrotiri-Port: 9 km. 
Akrotiri Oia: 22 km. 
Akrotiri-Perissa 8km. 
Akrotiri-Kamari: 11.5 km.

Hospitals in Santorini


Health Center (24 hours) Fira,

tel. 22 863 60300/4

Regional Medical Centers 
• Kamari, tel. +30 22860 31175 
• Emporio, tel. +30 22860 81222 
• Oia, tel. +30 22860 71277 
• Tower, Tel. +30 22860 31207 
• Thirasia, tel. +30 29 144 22860

Radiology Center Santorini, Fira, tel. +30 25 855 22860, mob. 6976 681327

Central Polyclinic Santorini, Fira, tel. +30 21 728 22860

Center Nephrology / Dialysis Unit tel. +30 22860 27107/8, fax: +30 22860 25618, www.santorinirenal.gr

Pharmacies in Santorini



Zaharopoulos, tel. +30 23 444 22860 
Gazi, tel. +30 22860 22700 
Lignos, tel. + 30 22 860 25310 
Silver, tel. +30 22860 24501 
agitate, tel. +30 22860 21121 
• Emporio, Charalampopoulou, tel. + 30 22860 81 762, Valvis, tel. +30 22860 82775 
• Imerovigli, Lignos, tel. +30 22860 24950 
• Kamari, John, tel. +30 22860 32440 
• Karterados, tel. +30 22860 21121 
• Messaria Mint, tel. +30 22860 32566 
• Oia, Red, tel. +30 22860 71464 
• Tower Karapanou, tel. +30 30 245 22860

Santorini Map